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New Arrivals

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Here are a few new arrivals: The Obsession “Nora Roberts”, The Last Mile “David Baldacci”, Off the Grid “CJ Box”, Blue, “Danielle Steele”, When a Secret Kills, “Lynette Eason” When a Heart Stops “Lynette Eason”, Sands of Nezza “Mark Forman”, The Steel Kiss “Jeffrey Deaver”, Purity in Death “JD Robb”, The Lady in Gold “Ann Marie O’Connor”, Find Her “Lisa Gardner”, My Southern Journey “Rick Bragg”, The Gray Man “Mark Greaney”, On Target “Mark Greaney”, Ballistic “Mark Greaney”, Dead Eye “Mark Greaney” Back Blast “Mark Greaney”, Path of the Assassin “Brad Thor”, Blowback “Brad Thor”, The First Commandment “Brad Thor”, The Last Patriot “Brad Thor”, The Apostle “Brad Thor”, Foreign Influence “Brad Thor”, Full Black “Brad Thor”, Black List “Brad Thor”, Hidden Order “Brad Thor”, Code of Conduct “Brad Thor”, The Summer Before the War “Helen Siminson”, Trauma “Michael Parmer”,A Man’s Promise “Brenda Jackson”, A Lover’s Vow “Brenda Jackson”, Kill Zone “Jack Coughlin”, On Scope “Jack Coughlin”, An Act of Treason “Jack Coughlin”, Clean Kill “Jack Coughlin”, The Silent Man “Alex Berenson”, The Wolves “Alex Berenson”, The Ghost War “Alex Berenson”, The Midnight House “Alex Berenson”, The Night Ranger “Alex Berenson”, The Secret Soldier “Alex Berenson”, The Shadow Patrol “Alex Berenson”, Twelve Days “Alex Berenson”, The Counterfeit Agent “Alex Berenson”, The Faithful Spy “Alex Berenson”.

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