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Back to the Library


Patrons of the Abbeville Memorial Library who’ve racked up fines for overdue books will soon get a reprieve.

April 11th through April 22nd, Abbeville Memorial Library will offer a two-week amnesty period.

Overdue, undamaged materials — including books, DVDs, — can be returned to the Abbeville Memorial Library. All fines will be forgiven, and patrons will again be allowed to use their library cards.

We’re encouraging everyone — children, students and adults — to return their overdue materials so they can get back to discovering all that the library has to offer, and so others can enjoy these books.

Outstanding fines will also be pardoned, including overdue fees for previously returned items.

*Please note that we can’t forgive replacement charges for items that have been lost or damaged. Those with a lost or missing item can replace it — with a librarian’s approval — and the usual fees for replacement will be waived, the library said.

There are some caveats: damaged or unusable items are not eligible for the amnesty program.

And if you already paid for fines previously levied by the library? Sorry, no refunds.



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