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Summer Reading Program Update


Today for our Summer Reading Program we were entertained and amazed by Gary Ledbetter of Dynamite Magic & Balloons. Gary who is a Magician, really surprised the audience with some of the tricks. He, (along with some great help from children in the audience) thrilled and astonished everyone with a variety of magic tricks. Not only did he make things appear and disappear in front of our eyes, he even sawed a member of the audience in half. Yes, he really did. To finish his act and for a great ending to his show, he did the trick that all the kids enjoyed by producing a Rabbit out of his empty hat. After the show on the way out the door everyone had an opportunity to pet the rabbit. Prestidigitators really are cool.



On Thursday June 16th, Mark Seymour of Be-At Your Best entertained everyone who attended the ongoing Summer Reading Program being held by the Abbeville Memorial Library. During the show Mark played percussion instruments from all over the world, and kept the children’s attention with songs like: Catch The Reading Bug and The Alabama Song. He had lots of interaction with all of the audience, and had the children up on stage participating in the show. For his finale he had the gym rocking and rolling with everyone up on the floor dancing. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I did.



We started our 2016 Summer Reading Program Wednesday June 8th 2016 with a visit by some special animals (who brought along some very special people) Everyone was educated by the Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary’s volunteers, who taught us a lot of important information on how to take care of an injured animal. You can go to our Photo Album and see more pictures and learn how to contact BBWS. They are a non-profit organization and accept donations.

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