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Covid-19 Update.

News from the Library

At her last Covid-19 update news conference, Governor Ivey stated that the mandatory mask ordinance would end as of Friday, April 9th, 2021. Starting on Monday, April 12th, 2021, it will not be required for you to wear a mask when entering the library. We do, however, “Ask that you Mask,” and we will have masks available for those who wish to wear them.

Abbeville Memorial Library will be changing the current Covid-19 pandemic guidelines that we have been operating within. Upon entering the library, we ask that you still use the sanitizing stations available. Any items that you are returning are still to be placed on the table beside the entrance door, where staff will collect them later to sanitize and return to the shelves. Please keep your social distance currently at six feet (recommended by the CDC). If you have been feeling sick, we ask that you do not enter the library. We will have seven computers available for public use, and all computers, after use, will be sanitized before being open to the next person. As always, we ask that you wash and dry your hands after using the restroom. If everyone follows these guidelines, we hope to continue to keep Abbeville Memorial Library a safe place to visit.

We already have our Summer Reading Entertainers lined up for this year’s program. We are planning to have all the presentations in person, unlike last year where everything was virtual and online. As in the past, the Abbeville Boys & Girls Club is allowing us to use their facilities. The presentations will be Wednesday, June 9th at 1 pm, Thursday, June 17th at 1 pm, Wednesday, June 23rd at 1 pm, Thursday, July 1st at 1 pm, and Wednesday, July 14th at 1 pm. The reading portion of the program where the children can register will start on Thursday, June 27th, and reading logs will be available at the library. It will run through Friday, July 30th at 5 pm. We will have a 5-8 age group, 9- 12 age group, and a 13-16 age group. Everyone who participates will receive a small prize. The top readers in each age group will receive a $25 Gift card to Barnes and Noble. We are hoping to have a successful year. We will keep everyone updated in case any changes have to be made.

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