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Summer Reading Program 2018

Summer Reading Program at Abbeville Memorial Library 2018

Every year during the Summer months libraries all over the United States take part in the Summer Reading Program. We here at Abbeville Memorial Library put on programs at the local Boys & Girls Club, and hold weekly presentations with different presenters who entertain the children with magical tricks, ventriloquism, wild animal shows, musical shows, science shows, etc. We also hold Movie Days and Craft Days during June and July here at the library. Even though the presentations are a significant part of the program reading is the central theme. Children aged five to eight and nine to twelve read books and are awarded points for each book read. The top 3 readers in each age group receive prizes and this year we had an increase in participation. On Friday, August 17th we held a Pizza Party for the top readers.

The winners in the 9 to 12 age group.

1st. Gracie Johnson

2nd  Aricka Williams

3rd Jaiden Williams

The winners in the 5 to 8 age group.

1st Brandy Sauls

2nd Noah Long (not in picture)

3rd Ethan Williams.

Also pictured in no particular order are:

Ella Johnson, Maddie Johnson, Lily Johnson, Evie Fortson, Brayden Sauls, Lili Sparrow, Noah Wells.

(Not in the picture.) Amber Murphy, Trevor Murphy, Kaitlyn Murphy, & Carson Murphy.

Thank you to all our readers.

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