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We at the Abbeville Memorial Library continue to serve our community and wish for the best outcome for the people of our great area.  We are still closed to the public but offering Wi-fi connection outside of our building if needed.  The situation remains closely monitored, and we here at the library want to express the importance of continued diligence at this time.  Social distancing stops the spread of the virus, and everyone should do their part to consider the health and well-being of our high-risk community members.

We all do our part to aid each other. We have already posted on our Facebook page a lot of free online resources. Resources for up to date, and accurate, information about the pandemic are best available through the Alabama Department of Public Health website (https://www.alabamapublichealth.gov/index.html).  While we know it is not possible for everyone, staying at home and avoiding any unnecessary public exposure is essential:  you do not have to show symptoms to transmit the virus.  Please be considerate of each other, and we know these are challenging times!

We are living through a historic moment, and we know that this community will do everything in its power to prove to be an example for those around them. 

Operating Hours

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Computers shut down 20 minutes before closing.

Library Board Trustees

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Maribeth Bedsole
Willadean Hall
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