About Us

    The Abbeville Memorial Library's Mission is to bring people, information, and ideas together to enrich lives and strengthen the community through inspiring lifelong learning, advancing knowledge, and promoting good citizenship and active participation in society. 
Support intellectual freedom
The Abbeville Memorial Library enables all individuals in our community to exercise their rights to access constitutionally protected information.
Promote literacy and a love of reading and information
Recognizing the vital importance of reading to open doors and expand horizons, Abbeville Memorial Library strives to support patrons in becoming lifelong readers and users of information via books, internet, and other media.
Protect confidentiality of patron records
To the fullest extent of the law, Abbeville Memorial Library respects the confidentiality of our patrons' requests for information, the online sites they access, and their borrowing history.
Foster a healthy democracy
Abbeville Memorial Library is committed to building an informed community and providing neutral ground where participation in civic life is open to all. 
Support children and youth
Abbeville Memorial Library strives to join parents, educators, and young people in helping to raise thoughtful readers and citizens.
Form strong partnerships
Abbeville Memorial Library extends its reach and impact in the community through partnerships with individuals, public and nonprofit agencies, community groups, educators, and businesses. 
Adapt and innovate
To stay relevant to patrons' changing needs and interests, Abbeville Memorial Library will continuously strive to adapt what we do and how we do it.  We are a learning organization and invest in our staff, technology, and infrastructure to improve service to our community.